Dog Daycare

At Ventura Dog Ranch we encourage social dogs to spend time playing together in packs. We don’t, however, throw just any dogs together in a large group and hope for the best. We have a system where we evaluate your dog over the course of 5 days in order to determine if they are a fit for our small dog (up to ~30 lbs) or big dog (~30 lbs and over) packs.

If at any point in this time period we feel as though your dog isn’t groupable in one of our packs, we’ll let you know and we can still facilitate daycare at an additional $5/day charge (added daily to any packages), and your dog will receive one on one attention from our kennel staff and a place to run around outside.

Once a dog graduates into our pack program, they will join their pack every time they’re with us.

Our pack program is what sets us apart from other daycares and the benefits it provides are:

  • Socialization
  • Routine
  • Exercise
  • Positive reinforcement

We hope to see you for a complimentary daycare day soon!

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