Vaccination Records

The most important thing to bring with you prior to your pet’s stay, daycare or overnight, is his or her Core Vaccination Records. These consist of Bordetella (kennel cough) every six months, up to date Rabies series of vaccines, and up to date distemper/adrenovirus (hepatitus)/parvovirus vaccine (given as one vaccine called DAP or DHP).

Meds & Food

If your dog requires any special medications please bring them in addition to their preferred food. We can administer medications up to 2x per day. Please provide detailed, written instructions.

Please let us know if your dog has any food allergies or if you would like us to provide any treats during their stay (treat ‘em package for just $4 per day).

We also offer our premium House Kibble for $5 per day.

Bedding & Toys

Some dogs have a much better experience at the ranch when they come with a reminder from home. Small dog beds, blankets, or a couple of their favorite toys are more than welcome.

If you don’t bring in any bedding, we will provide it for your pup unless specifically told not to. Just remember that if he tries to find out what’s inside the bed there will be a $50 replacement fee! 🙂

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