How We Keep Your Dogs Safe


We mention it multiple times on our website because it’s a mandatory requirement that all of our dogs be up to date on vaccinations for their health and others. We require 4 vaccinations: BORDETELLA, DISTEMPER, RABIES, and CANINE INFLUENZA. The standard of care regarding these vaccinations is a full puppy vaccination panel at around 4 months for all above vaccinations, with boosters every 6 months for bordetella, minimum every 3 years for distemper and rabies (this comes following a booster at 1.5 years) and a two part series for influenza of which we need the first. Call your vet to see if your dog is up to date on their vaccinations in order to be boarded at our facility. And lastly, we require that all vaccinations be completed at minimum 5 days before your pet’s stay per veterinary recommendation. You can email us your records to

Additional Care

We also ask that your pet be up to date with any tick and flea medication necessary, especially if they’ve been exposed to inhabited environments. In our best efforts to ensure safety at the kennel, our kennel techs will do a thorough check on them when they arrive for their stay. If they are found to have fleas we will give your dog a flea bath each time we find a flea (charges apply).


We allow dogs to the ranch who haven’t been spayed or neutered for up to one year. We don’t take in females that are in or about to go into heat. We ask that owners communicate with us if your puppy is at this stage. After the year mark we do not allow unaltered dogs.

Our Discretion

We do a thorough evaluation of your dog during their first stay, and update their file over time with notable behavioral and/or other cursory notes. If at any point we feel as though Ventura Dog Ranch isn’t the right facility for your pet for any reason, we reserve the right to refuse reservation requests of any kind.

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